Australian X-Up MLM Plan

Australian X-Up MLM Plan

The Australian X-UP MLM Plan is the most modern and trending of all MLM plans. The industry also refers to it as Pass Up Sales Plan, Modified Unilevel Plan, or X-Up Plan. It is called so because the profit earned from the sales is passed to members' upline. However, the chances of getting a good chunk of income are more in this plan when compared to the other options. FinoForce MLM Software can help you triple your investment from your Australian X-up MLM Compensation Plan in no time.

How Does the Australian X-Up MLM Plan Works?

The model of the plan is quite simple to put it into action. You have to replace X's value with any given number decided by your management. When the user joins the plan and recruits members in his downline, the revenue generated by his recruits will be shared between his upline members and not by him. He will literally pass up the sales to his sponsors up the line.

X's value determines the number of sales. This plan could be Australian Two-Up, Three-Up, or Four-Up. You can replace X with any distinction. After passing up the X number of sales, the member would start earning commissions on future sales.

How is the Commission Calculated?

Let's assume that you have implemented an Australian 2-Up MLM Plan business. The recruiter will pass up the first two sales to your sponsor and start earning a commission when their downline makes a sale and pass it on to them. The plan is perfect for companies that sell one-time products to new customers. While the company can have multiple products, one single product account will derive 99% of the sales volume.

The recruiter will also start earning commissions from his third sale once he recruits the third member in the downline. The commission system goes infinitely deep – the recruiter may not earn from his sales, but once his downline member and the member he recruits start making sales, the recruiter will receive a large amount per sale.

Being a notable MLM software development company in India, FinoForce can custom set up several bonuses in the Australian X-Up MLM plan, such as referral bonus, sponsor bonus, and level bonus.

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