MLM Party Plan

MLM Party Plan

MLM Party Plan

The Party MLM compensation plan is unlike the regular MLM plans. MLM companies mainly use it for marketing their products and services in home-based or corporate events, parties, and social gatherings through a business marketer or hostess. The company marketer displays the products and services in the event and directly sells them to the guests. FinoForce is one of the top MLM software companies in India that can develop custom Party MLM Compensation Plans for direct sellers at parties.

How Does the Party Plan Works?

Finoforce Party MLM Software can organize and host a direct sale at events and social gatherings. It is a successful plan between the women marketers, occasionally going to parties and family gatherings. Here, the Party MLM Company hires independent contractors or representatives to host parties and sell their products. The parties are generally 1 to 1.5 hours long, consisting of short product and service presentations. After the presentation, the guests get to sample or view the products on display.

The products sold are party guest-oriented. For instance, if the host is a female, then the products should attract the women in the party, such as cosmetics, ornaments, homemade foods, and fashion accessories. This ensures that the sales rate is increased in the short time.

The representative buys the products from the Party Plan Company at half price or free. The products are shipped directly to the representatives, who then prepare the sales and distribution orders to retail customers. They price the product moderately to ensure that the actual retail customers buy the products.

The guests can also become new brand representatives and make sales.

Representatives may also distribute product catalogs to the guests at events, fairs, and trade shows instead of displaying the products. The Party MLM compensation plan is a fun way to make a career in direct sales.

How is the Commission Calculated?

The FinoForce Party MLM software includes host management, guest management, payment management, the party set up, eCommerce portal, member log-in, shipping and order management, host rewards, and messenger.

The compensation is pretty straight-forward in the Party MLM plan. The hostess or representatives get paid based on the products they sell. The more goods the representatives sell, the bigger commission they earn.

FinoForce can help MLM companies develop different compensation schemes and hostess rewards for party representatives.

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