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Unilevel Software Plan

The Unilevel MLM Plan is very simple to implement and manage as it has only one level with no spillovers or legs. The plan comes with an unlimited width, allowing the frontline member to recruit as many members as possible in his network and earn compensation

Many distributors prefer joining this plan knowing its perks, and many MLM companies invest in FinoForce MLM software Unilevel Plan for ease of use.

How Does the Unilevel Plan Works?

As a prominent software development company in India, FinoForce offers customizable Unilevel MLM plans with unique features and add-ons. In here, a member recruits only one member in his downline. Each member earns a commission from the business of their recruited team in the downline. The recruited team can also create their horizontal line of members. While there is no width limit, the Unilevel structure downline can go five to ten levels deep.

The commission is calculated as it is done in the Binary MLM plan, where each frontline member earns compensation when the downline members achieve sales. Top-level members can earn unlimited commissions from their direct downline members and indirect bonuses and rewards from the unlimited recruits under their downline members.

Advantages of Unilevel MLM Plan:

  • - FinoForce MLM software can create three different bonus structures for the Unilevel MLM Plan, including Sponsor Bonus, Level Commissions, and Fast Start Bonus.
  • - The plan is very easy to understand, and FinoForce MLM software services in India make it even simpler.
  • - MLM companies can avoid overflows by restricting the compensation payouts, which is impossible in other MLM plans.
  • - It is a go-to business model for startups and small companies.
  • - There is no limitation in adding direct sellers; the member can earn a certain percentage with every direct sale, giving a good income.

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