Stair Step Break Away MLM Plan

Stair Step Break Away MLM Plan

Stair Step BreakAway MLM Plan

The Stair-Step MLM Plan is the oldest. However, it provides incredible opportunities to members who ascend the upline quickly. Its breakaway option can make anyone in the downline a boss. While the plan begins like a Unilevel MLM plan, as it offers unlimited frontline members, it soon drifts apart with varied earning opportunities. Get your Stair-Step Breakaway MLM plan started with the best MLM software in India by FinoForce Software Development and Website Development Company.

How Does the Stair-Step Breakaway MLM Compensation Plan Works?

The members are responsible for making sales, both on a personal level and group level. Being the oldest running plan, the Stair-Step MLM Plan is one of the most effective and tested plans ever established. It starts like the Unilevel Plan, where you fill unlimited frontline positions in a single level to create the required sales volume. However, a certain percentage is assigned to each level, and it progresses rapidly. Once the group grows to a certain size and has sold a required number of products, the recruiter moves one step up in the upline. And the process continues until the last step in the hierarchy. Assuming your company has ten hierarchy steps, once the recruiter reaches the 11th position, they Break Away from the first step, and when they reach the 12th position, they Break Away from the second step. So, the members can be a part of only ten levels at a given point.

How is the Commission Calculated?

The commission is calculated based on the sales and recruitment discounts predefined by the MLM firm.

But the Stair-Step Break Away is not just about compensations. It is based on promotions and positions which provide better career growth. As members are promoted to the next level, their income increases.

For instance, in the first step, the discount rate would be 20%. In the second step, the member would receive a 20% discount. So, by the 10th level, the member will generate a 40% to 50% discount. The Break-Away system provides wonderful opportunities to members to build bigger teams deeper the downline.

Once the member completes the hierarchy and breaks away, they must maintain the current position (step 11) for three consecutive months to earn a title-bonus.

Besides, the plan is effective because it provides equal emphasis on product sales and recruitment. So, an MLM company will grow not only its sales force but also its stocks, providing a better brand value.

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