Monoline MLM Plan

Monoline MLM Plan

Monoline MLM Plan

Monoline or Linear or Single Leg MLM Plan is a top-rated compensation plan that marketers can quickly adapt. It consists of only a single downline thread of sponsors or distributors. New members are added on the same line. In the Monoline MLM Plan, there is no limit in width and depth. FinoForce software development company can help you transform your traditional Monoline MLM Compensation Plan into a robust system.

How Does the Monoline MLM Plan Works?

As an MLM company, all you have to do is recruit a good member and place him/her under you. The next member recruited will be placed under the person you recruit. So, if A recruits B, B is placed under A, and when A recruits C, C will be placed under B, and when B recruits D, D will be placed under C. This could be an infinite process as long as the company exists.

There are no conditions or complex rules applied here, unlike Binary and Matrix plans. Anyone can quit and join anytime – no need to fill a particular leg to qualify for a bonus. Since every member is added in a single leg, income is wholly based on members' efforts above.

How is the Commission Calculated?

The compensation calculation of Monoline is by far the simplest among FinoForce MLM Plans. It does not matter who recruits whom - anyone who joins the company, the members above them will stand a chance to earn a commission. However, the first member at the top will make more than the second member, and the second member will earn more than the third, and so on. It basically works on the 'first-come, first-served' theory.

The compensation plan can be an instant hit because once you explain the process to the potential recruits, they will be eager to join as earliest as possible to increase their chance of earning more. Thus, as the business grows, there always is a steady income flow for all the members.

Incentives can be customized in FinoForce MLM software. For instance, some MLM firms put restrictions on bonus and commission eligibility – member gets paid only when they have recruited a minimum number of distributors.

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