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Gift MLM Plan

The Gift MLM Plan, otherwise known as Donation Plan, is popularly implemented for raising donations for a charity cause, crowdfunding, or non-profit help. In the Gift MLM Plan, members help each other to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Giving and Receiving are two essential parts of the plan, and FinoForce Multi-Level Marketing Software can customize these two elements for you to accept and receive donations or gifts. We can additionally help MLM firms create world-class crowdfunding systems to raise funds for unique ideas and development projects.

How Does the Gift MLM Plan Works?

The plan sounds really simple – Collect gifts/donations from multiple members and, in return, send donations/gifts to other members in the MLM plan system. The Gift MLM plan is not an MLM plan in reality. The firms don't recruit people to make sales or earn commissions from product sales. The drive for earnings is completely different.

The plan is mainly for people looking for crowdfunding systems to support their dreams or projects. For example, you would like for sponsors to donate to your business idea. All you have to do is register yourself in the FinoForce MLM Software and submit your project proposal to receive donations from the rest of the members. You then fix a budget for your project and wait for the approval. Once the admin approves your project, you pay a donation to your sponsors' projects and, in return, receive donations from other members.

The Gift MLM Plan runs on certain criteria, and they vary in each company. For instance, companies can set a limit on the amount a member can receive as grants based on their rank or membership package.

How is the Commission Calculated?

The compensation and bonuses is unlike any of the previous MLM plans. They vary largely from company to company based on their policies and operational areas. Members can receive money weekly, daily, monthly, or how ever they decide in the beginning. The gift amount is directly credited to the members' accounts via PayPal or any other payment platform. You can configure the payment rules, donation limits for each member, and gifting schedule in the FinoForce software.

A member's limit can also be upgraded based on the amount he donates – the more they donate, the more he receives.

Besides this, there are few notable bonus systems that you can implement – the sponsor bonus and the introducer bonus.

When a member recruits a new person in the system, he will be eligible for Introducer Bonus. On the other hand, when Sponsors recruit members, they get paid for the same.

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