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FinoForce Board MLM Plan can increase your customer retention rate with tailor-made features and compensations. Popularly known as Revolving Matrix Plan, the Board MLM plan is a go-getter for firms with limited people. Due to its small member count, managing a board plan is simple and less time consuming, providing great payouts. FinoForce is one of the top MLM software companies in India that offers affordable Board Plans for MLM companies.

How Does the Board Plan Work?

While the Board MLM plan is pretty simple, every board member in the firm should understand it and put maximum effort into boosting compensations. The board plan initiates with a Cycle Plan with few members on it. It usually offers members a clean board and set of columns. Each member must add recruits, and this continues till all the columns are filled in the board.

When the number of recruits exceeds the board limit, the board is divided into two sub-boards, where the frontline member is promoted to a managerial level.

How is the Commission Calculated?

TThe basic cycle of the Board MLM plan is 2X2 Matrix. The members are compensated once the matrix is accomplished. In total, a completed Matrix Cycle Plan contains 6 members. There are different types of Board Plans, including Single Board, Multi-Board, Shuffling Board, Auto-Filling Board, and Manual-Filling Board.

The dimension of the Board may differ based on your company policies and regulations.

Basically, the commissions are split into two types:

Referral Commission:Each member from Board B1 will earn a referral bonus when their recruited downline team members complete a sales transaction.

Cycle Commission:When the matrix is completed, the frontline member is moved to another board, B2 as its topmost member, and at this time, he gets to earn a cycle commission for completing the Matrix cycle.

Every distributor who joins the Board Cycle Plan must pay a one-time joining fee to the MLM organization. After completing the 2X2 matrix, the distributor gets a bonus twice that of the joining fee. You can preset the commission in the FinoForce MLM software to your desired amount.

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