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The Matric MLM plan is also known as the Ladder or Forced MLM plan, where the tree takes the shape of a Pyramid structure. Here, the members are arranged into specified, fixed-width (rows) and downlines (columns). The Matric MLM plan can serve as a huge motivation to the distributors. FinoForce Multi-Level-Marketing software developers know the exact formula to build the best and lasting Matrix Plan.

How Does the Matrix MLM Plan Work?

Here, the first set of default members are placed on level one of the pyramid. Each recruited member, after that, is added to the next level until the matrix reaches its maximum width. Then, the new members are spilled down to the next available level based on the downline. The common Matrix MLM Plan has two tree types – 2x2 (1-2-4-8) or 3x3 (1-3-9-27). FinoForce can also customize a Matrix tree type based on your requirements.

The members are positioned from top to bottom and left to right. The FinoForce multi-level-marketing software allows the tree to grow with preset Width and Height, and allocates members automatically in a particular algorithm, preventing any misdistribution. You can easily locate the number of members active on the dashboard.

How is the Commission Calculated?

The commission for members in the Matrix MLM plan is pre-defined based on the level and member. In the FinoForce MLM software, you can alter the commission percentage according to your company policy. The plan provides immense earning capabilities because members start earning as the recruits grow in the downline. For instance, you hire A, B, and C. A recruits A1, A2, and A3, and A1 recruits a1,a2,a3,a4,a5,a6,a7,a8,a9. So, as the network builds, from A to a9, everyone on the ladder will earn an income for you.

In many cases, the commission is disbursed once a level is completed - the user earns his share once he has recruited enough members to fill his matrix.

FinoForce Customizable Matric MLM Plans

We have smart solutions with business-growth-oriented features and add-ons capable of transforming your MLM Matrix business in no time. With the Matrix plan, you will start earning benefits as soon as you start your business.

You can customize different MLM compensation bonuses with our Software Solution, including Sponsor Bonus, Level Commissions, Position Bonus, Matching Bonus, and Matrix Bonus. Each has unique benefits and earning capabilities..

Sponsor Bonus:Termed as referral bonus, where frontline members get an incentive for recruiting new sponsors in the first level of Matrix. You can alter the percentage of bonus on the FinoForce software system anytime you want.

Position Bonus:It offers additional earning opportunities based on the position. For example, a member will earn a bonus when his recruited team adds a new member within the matrix.

Level Commission:Frontline members are qualified to earn level commission when their downline team members make a sale. The level commission can be earned till the last level in the Matrix.

Matching Bonus:When downline team members earn commissions, bonuses, or rewards, the frontline member is entitled to receive a matching bonus of a certain percentage, usually 10%. You can, however, change the percentage based on your company policy in the FinoForce software system.

Matrix Bonus:A user earns a Matrix bonus, also termed as Forced Matrix Bonus, when he has completed the Matrix downline with recruits. For instance, if the Matrix is 2X2, then it should have 2 members in level one, 4 in level two, 8 in level three, 16 in level four, and so on. Once the matrix (to the nth level) is completed, the frontline member will receive a forced matrix bonus.

The matrix plan has a good potential to grow quickly. However, you would need high-end multi-level-marketing software that has efficient capabilities to calculate different types of Matric MLM Bonuses. We have the right one for you.

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